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Superior quality scooter

The Sterling range is characterized by a superior quality, safety and comfort. The S700, the best of its series, will surprise you with its high quality. If you're an active person looking for a pace keeping scooter, keep an eye on the S700.

With its sporty and beautiful design, you will attract all eyes. Choose between three very elegant colours: silver, dark grey and black.

Feel a smooth driving , safe and comfortable from your luxury seat, carefully upholstered with headrest included. Turns for easy entry to the scooter and has plenty of room for the feet.

Finding the right position for driving has never been easier thanks to the angle-adjustable steering column. It also adjusts the seat depth, height and tilt.

The S700 scooter was designed to make things easier for the elderly and disabled. Just worry about enjoying the ride.

Powerful and smooth driving

Enjoy a smoother and more fun ride thanks to its suspension. Don't worry about difficult terrain and obstacles because each wheel has its own independent suspension, ready to absorb irregularities.

There will be no obstacle that will resist you with its large 33 cm wheels. Choose between two motors with different speeds (10 km/h or 15 km/h) and travel safely and comfortably every time you hit a bump in the road.

Runs up to 55 km with the autonomy of its batteries, one of the highest on the market.

Maximum control

The design of the Sterling controls contributes to an intuitive driving, designed for anyone to drive it. If you are an older person or have some kind of disability but still have an active life, take control of this scooter.

Ergonomic controls for smooth operation, with simple, large buttons, so you can just drive.

Includes elements for the security while driving, a kit of energy-saving lights and two mirrors, very useful for those who can't turn around to see what happens to their back.

As you can see, if we combine maneuverability with a large standard equipment, we get a 100% safe driving.

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