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Power and reliability outdoors

Reliable and powerful, the F35 is the perfect power chair for moving around outdoors. The batteries of the F35 are made of gel, so they are maintenance-free. Its 50Apm gives it power and great autonomy: we can cover up to 23 km. The motor allows a maximum speed of 6 km/h to be reached. The 8 Amp charger allows you to charge the power chair in a short period of time, so that the chair is always ready for use. As a recommendation, we suggest that you use solid wheels (both front and rear), as they never get punctured and do not require maintenance.

Electronic chair indoors.

What are the measurements of the F35? Su length is only 105 cm (86 cm when removing the footrests) and the width total is only 60 cm. These small dimensions make the F35 a compact chair compact, strong and can be manoeuvred in confined spaces. There are no problems to use it at home or at work: we will sort through furniture and pass through doors easily.

Adaptable wheelchair

The performance of the sechair is adjusted to the needs of each user and all the equipment is very easy to adjust. The armrests are height-adjustable and their width can be adjusted up to 4.5 cm. This allows for a larger seat space (up to 9 cm), resulting in a total of 52 cm of seat space. We can also adjust the height of the chair manually.

Folding and detachable power chair

The F35 is a detachable power wheelchair and can be folded down , without the need for tools, quickly and easily. Once the chair is folded, it becomes really small. How does the chair fold? The backrest is removed, as are the batteries. The height of the chair is reduced and the body is then folded back. The anti-tipper wheels can also be removed if required. The width of the folded chair is only 33.5 cm. The parts of which the chair is composed are light and we can handle them more easily. It fits in the trunk of the car perfectly so if you travel you can always take your chair with you. At home, you can keep it in the closet or storeroom. Don't think that because it is light it is fragile because the F35 is robust and resistant: it can support up to 120kg of weight.

Prestations chair f35

If all your standard equipment is not enough for you and take a look at the accessories. section, don't worry if you want it once you have the chair: they can be added later and without complications.

-Menthonian command.

-Submersible kerbstones, being able to pass kerbstones of up to 10 cm.

Adjustable footrests and reclining backrest.

-Headrests: highly recommended if you are going to tilt the backrest. Its shape varies according to mobility limitations.

-Available in three colours choice of red, gold and blue.

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