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Leo scooter features

The Leo 4-wheel scooter is designed for those who want to enjoy their autonomy and independenceEasy to handle, it is ideal for older people, people with some kind of disability or with reduced mobility.

It has a sporty design and takes care of every detail to achieve the maximum safety.

Also takes into account the maximum comfort when driving because it has a padded seat, which is rotated and adjusted to facilitate the transfers.

Demountable and compact scooter

Versatile and comfortable: that's the Leo scooter. It is especially useful to move through interior because it is a compact mini-scooter <strong, handy, with which we can move through small spaces: shopping centers, museums, etc.. It is also ideal for use in outdoor: it will take us all over the city for long walks.

Disassembles without tools on lighter parts. It's very convenient to take it anywhere in the trunk of your car for a weekend getaway; we can take it anywhere with no problems.

Powerful and safe scooter

Leo is designed for everyone to be able to drive it because it is easy to operate and control, providing at all times a smooth and safe driving.


With its four large, shock-absorbing wheels, you can ride comfortably and securely in its upholstered seat.

Has a light kitto view: indication, position and brake.

With its battery y 8km/h engine you will go far, where others do not: it has an autonomy of 38km. It is thought through to the last detail because it incorporates a visual and audible warning to inform you that it is necessary to recharge the batteries.

Scooter Reliable

Thanks to the materials and features it is made of, the Leo scooter is totally reliable and resistant. You can move around parks, shopping malls, sidewalks... It's perfect and very practical for everyday use.

The quality of your electrical components and your engine is reflected in your protection against corrosion and water splashes (factors that often affect the performance of electric scooters).

In addition, it includes a lever that disengages the engine, so that the wheels are loose so that they are not damaged if you move the scooter manually.

Checks and maintenance are much easier because you only need to dismantle a part to have access to its components. This same system releases the batteries easily and disassembles them to make them easier to transport.

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