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I-Transformer Nova

The I-Transformer Nova is the new folding scooter from Apex with an exclusive design that allows the scooter to be separated into 2 parts, making it the most manoeuvrable scooter on the market.- Lightweight: It allows the scooter to be separated into 2 parts (11.5 kg + 9 kg) for easy transportation. It also has removable lithium batteries.- Electronic ignition: Its multifunctional control allows you to turn on/off the scooter and lights.- Comfortable: The folding armrests facilitate side access to the user. They are also adjustable in height and angle.- Design: It is made of a magnesium alloy that provides lightness and robustness. Its automatic folding system allows the scooter to stand upright once folded, avoiding the user having to bend down.


Please find attached all the technical data for more detailed information about the product.Translated with (free version) Especificaciones técnicas

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