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Excellent performance

The excellent performance of the stream power chair makes it versatile and practical, adaptable to the circumstances of outdoor and indoor.

The Stream chassis is based on the performance of the famous Dragon power chair. That is to say, it is a resistant and rigid chassis, perfect to withstand the demands of everyday life. The Stream power chair supports up to 125kg.

Its features designed for driving outdoors give this power chair the maximum safety:

Large wheels, for overcoming obstacles and for smooth driving, even on uneven terrain. Total Mobility recommends that you choose solid tires, because they do not need any kind of maintenance as they never get punctured.

You have an optional light kit to drive under any circumstances.

The motor of the electronic chair allows to reach 6km/h and its 50Amp batteries have a range of 25km. The stream is a powerful chair that meets our daily requirements.

Practical and robust

Easy to drive, the Stream power chair is designed for everyday functionality. Its design is designed to achieve 3 criteria: comfort, simplicity of use and reliability.

Designed to withstand continuous use and the demands of everyday life, the Stream is ideal for those looking for a high performance. The Stream is a versatile, versatile and practical power wheelchair.

Interior driving

Thanks to its small dimensions and precise control, the Stream is perfect for driving indoors. Its total width once we remove the footrests is only 85cm, so the Stream is a very narrow powered wheelchair.

Standard equipment is adjustable to user needs:

The width of the seat can be adjusted, from 44cm to 48cm, as well as its angle and height (from 42.5cm to 50cm).

The backrest is adjustable in inclination (-10º to 30º), seeking to achieve maximum comfort for the user. The backrest fabric can be adjusted to the desired tension.

The arm rests is set in height and width.

The footrests are removable and adjustable.


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