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Scooter hummingbird: outdoor performance

The Hummingbird is the micro scooter you are looking for: fun and colourful it will give you the comfort you were waiting for.

Walk through the city, go to the mall.... There are no limits! Transport it effortlessly from one place to another because it is disassembled into very light parts. It even fits in the luggage compartment of the car comfortably.

The Colibri is a versatile scooter: it is compact, manoeuvrable and offers great results away from home thanks to its engines, which allow you to move at 8km/h. It travels great distances with its 12Ah batteries, which offer a range of 11km. As an option, you can choose the 18Ah to reach 16km.

Improved design and included larger sized wheels for improved outdoor super results thanks to its 8 km/h engines, 18Ah batteries and larger wheels (210x65mm) if needed as an option.

Simple folding and in seconds

The design of the Colibri scooter makes it easy to fold and dismantle its removable parts. With its "Litelock" disassembly system you only need one hand.

Extract the seat, the rear axle, the batteries and fold the steering column. And that's it! In just 30 seconds and with no tools required, you'll have four lightweight pieces, which you can easily transport in any boot.

Colourful and compact design

This scooter has a nice design and you can choose fun colors for the case.

The 4 light weight elements can be easily transported in any suitcase. or stored in any closet at home when not in use

It is very maneuverable thanks to its compact dimensions. Its small size allows you to move around inside: draw furniture and go through doors no problem.

occupant comfort

Comfort makes a big difference when it comes to walking. Experience the comfort from the seat , carefully upholstered in black with white seams, with folding armrests for easy entry and exit of the occupant.

If you want to improve stability, include the option of suspension of the seat to better absorb the unevenness of the ground.


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