One of the options available to the disabled or the elderly in order to recover their autonomy and more easily perform their daily activities is the use of electrical products especially designed for people with reduced mobility.

If you need to hire a mobility  scooter in Almunecar, Total Mobility is your best option. We have a wide range of products such as electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, mobility scooters, hoists for the disabled and all the accessories you might need for hiring electric vehicles in Almunecar.



  • Mobility Scooter and electric wheelchair hire for the disabled in Almunecar

In Total Mobility we have the best brands and the best prices for mobility scooter hire. Our equipment adapts to all the needs of our customers in terms of technical characteristics, as well as in relation to size, portability, strength and durability.

The main equipment for reduced mobility available is:-

– mobility scooter

These types of vehicles have set the trend for some years and have become the most popular product  to increase mobility, recover freedom and independence and achieve autonomy for people who, due to various circumstances, are affected by the ability to move on their own.

Among the advantages of these devices is that they have been specially designed to be used with the least possible effort. With a mobility scooter you can move through many town areas and so lead a lifestyle that allows you to perform daily activities with some normality.

We can offer you products from the best brands in the market and at the best prices if you hire from us. The best place for mobility scooter hire in the town of Almunecar is our store since because we have the equipment with the characteristics you are looking for, from the most sophisticated to the most basic, from the smallest to the largest. You just have to tell us what your needs are and we will find the solution. Check our mobility scooter catalog for people with reduced mobility and you will find the one you are looking for.

Electric wheelchairs for disabled people

Electric wheelchairs are the most traditional means of this type of vehicles and in Total Mobility we  have all types of  designs, models and brands for hire in Almunecar. If you are looking for a electric wheelchair for indoor use we have the lightest and most practical models and if you are looking for one for outdoor use we have the most resistant and strongest.

Our services are aimed at all ages so we also have small electric chairs and you can see in our catalog those electric mobility scooters that adapt to different body weights.

In addition, we think it is important that handicapped mobility equipment should also be aesthetic, that is, that they are available in colours and designs that adapt to the style of each person.

Hoists and walkers for people with reduced mobility.

  • Hoists for patients with reduced mobility

Although until recently the use of this type of equipment was reserved for hospitals and clinics, they are increasingly common in homes to meet the requirements of convalescent patients who are temporarily or permanently impaired. If you are looking for electric hoists in Almunecar we invite you to consult our services and we assure you that we will find you the one you need.

These hoists are a great help to carers providing a comfortable and safe mobilization of patients over short distances. Total Mobility equipment is of the latest technology to minimize the possibility of falls or accidents. At our shop you can consult the availability of rental of electric hoists.

Walker for the elderly in Almunecar

Although they can be used for patients of all ages, this equipment is the most traditional for the elderly who have trouble balancing or do not have the strength to be mobile on their own. Check our product catalog and choose the walker for your needs.

Tips for hiring a mobility scooter in Almunecar

Before hiring a scooter for the disabled, it is prudent to take into account a set of factors to choose the one that best suits the needs of the person.

  • Maneuverability level: it has to do with the ability of the device to perform movements and turns in a comfortable, practical and with the least possible effort. This depends on the physical conditions of the person using it and the type of surface on which it moves.
  • Motor power: both the speed with which the equipment moves and its power to move on ascending surfaces must be taken into account when renting an electric vehicle.
  • Practicality: the ease of transporting the scooter when it is not in use is a determining characteristic. Most Total Mobility equipment is foldable or can be easily disassembled.
  • Seat comfort: the well-.being of the person is often determined by the design and type of material of the seat. It is important to us that our customers are comfortable and our rental equipment is characterized by materials and designs that catering for the users comfort.
  • Equipment for outdoor or indoor use: the selection of a scooter for the disabled person depends on the use that is required. You should keep in mind that their characteristics vary when it comes to devices to be used on the street or over more or less long distances than inside the house or in small places.
  • Battery autonomy: the rechargeable battery of this type of equipment is a key aspect at the time of renting because it is important that we select a vehicle for you that offers the longest distance with total autonomy and so gives a better service.

For mobility scooter rental in Almunecar you have an experienced company very close to you.

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